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Since 2006, the CIT Research Team has been conducting salutogenesis research together with the universities of UlmTübingenMemphis (USA)Alliant California (USA) und Palma de Mallorca (Spain) i. Fascia, self-therapy, chronic pain and stress are at the centre of our research.

An overview of all published studies as well as poster presentations can be found here:

These posters have already been presented internationally at the following congresses:

2016 4th European Fascia Congress, Wemmel, Belgium

2016 International Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health, Stuttgart, Germany

2016 British Fascia Symposium, Worcester, England

2016 Congress for Dance Medicine, Dresden, Germany

2015 International Fascia Congress, Washington DC, USA

2014 62nd Annual Meeting of the Association South German Orthopaedists and Trauma Surgeons "Bauerfeind-Brunch", Karlsruhe, Germany

2013 3rd Munich Symposium for Posture and Movement Research, Munich, Germany

2012 2nd Research Congress for Evidence-based Physiotherapy, Dresden, Germany

2009 International Fascia Congress, Amsterdam, Holland